Whether it's a meeting or a special event, food is an essential part of what makes it a success. Memorable moments need a special touch. Let the experts at JHF Catering LLC handle the cooking while you take care of the other important details of event planning. We'll whip up such a culinary storm that no one will know what's hit their taste buds, while you share the experience with your co-workers, family and friends. Success never tasted so good!

We Serve Kentucky

With food this good, we can't help but spread it all around Kentucky! Even though we are based in Richmond, KY, we have a large service area that includes all of central Kentucky as well. As a mobile catering company, we're able to reach larger audiences than normal catering companies. This gives us a major advantage when you compare all of the caterers across Kentucky.
Meat Platter

A Mobile Catering Company

JHF Catering LLC is based in Richmond, KY and we were established in 2015. We're a new and fresh catering company on the scene that offers an interesting twist on regular catering — we do it all on wheels! As a mobile catering company, JHF Catering can get around from place to place to provide food easily and efficiently. Your food will always be hot and fresh, never sitting out under a heat lamp! We'll deliver it straight from the kitchen!

Get In Touch With Us

Let us tell you why JHF Catering LLC is perfect for your next party, business gathering or any special event. We're just a phone call away. Give us a call (859) 623-0807 during regular business hours or contact us by email at info@jordanhillfarm.com. JHF Catering LLC would be honored to provide catering services for you with the exquisite, flexible menu choices that appeal to every palate. Count on us to always get back to you as soon as possible. When you choose JHF Catering, prepared to be impressed with the food and exceptional customer service that makes us stand out from all the rest..
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